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Does Macrovue allow Position Transfers?

Can I transfer positions to/from my Macrovue account?

Absolutely! Most stocks can be transferred to your Macrovue account. You either hold stocks at a broker (broker-sponsored) such as CommSec or nabtrade, or the shares are controlled by the issuer (issuer-sponsored) and held via a share registry such as Computershare or Link Market Services. There may be some exemptions such as micro-cap stocks. If you would like to initiate a transfer of your positions in or out of your account you can complete this form and email it to us support@macrovue.com.au. Alternatively, if you would like to discuss your options regarding a position transfer please do not hesitate to contact us.

What is the process of a position transfer?

For issuer sponsored holdings we just need an up to date holdings statement detailing the ticker, quantity of shares held, the registry and your SRN/HIN where applicable. We will then send this to our custodian and the positions will settle in your account.


For broker sponsored holdings you need to complete this form detailing the stocks you wish to transfer, your account number at the sending broker (you will need to provide two if you hold domestic and international shares), your broker information including a contact email and your signature granting us permission to initiate the transfer. We will send this signed form to your current broker and to our custodian. Once our request matches with your broker's instructions the stocks will settle into your account.