How do I invest in a Vue?

The Vues page shows the Vues that are available for investment. You can explore each individual Vue to find the research thesis behind the Vue, detailed metrics and the list of shares. You have the choice to modify the Vue or if you’re happy with the current share picks, you can click to buy the Vue from this page.

Selecting Buy Vue will take you to the allocation step. By default, the allocation page displays the minimum possible investment in the Vue. You can choose any amount above the minimum and our allocate feature will attempt to provide an equal allocation in dollar terms across each of the shares automatically. If you wish to construct your own allocation, you can modify this accordingly.

There is also an option to select order type. Currently, you can choose either Market Order or Limit order. The default is set to Market Order.

Once you’re happy with the Vue, select proceed to confirm. This final step is designed to ensure that no inadvertent errors are passed through to the market for execution. Once you have confirmed your order, our system will acknowledge that it has received the order and then send it to the market for execution. You will receive a fill confirmation by e-mail once the trade has been executed.