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Our Philosophy

There are many great ideas out there. Finding discerning ways to turn those ideas into equity investments can be daunting when you have reams of data and information to wade through and limited access to professional analysis.

At Macrovue, we do the hard work for you. Our team is dedicated to constructing portfolios of 10 stocks each, called Vues, that give you exposure to a selected theme, while also allowing you the flexibility and control to fine-tune as you go.

We are targeting do-it-yourself investors looking for a new way to invest a portion of their savings and engaged in deciding how best to allocate their money. Our users demand the transparency and control that much of the superannuation industry doesn’t provide.

We are committed to looking beyond our own beautiful shores to opportunities in the world’s largest and most dynamic economies so that you don’t miss investing in the next chapter of China’s growth story or the U.S. recovery or the Internet of Things that’s reshaping our lives. The majority of our Vues are blind to borders, looking only for the stocks that best express a theme. So, not only are you diversified through multiple companies, you are also geographically diversified.

Come join us and explore a new world of ideas.