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Quick Guide to setting up a Trust Account on Macrovue

A step by step guide to setting up your Macrovue Trading Account as a Trust Account.

Part A - Setting up application login details

Step 1:  Go to https://app.macrovue.com.au/signup

Step 2:  Fill out the fields it requires.  Note: for your password it needs to be a minimum of 8 characters, one capital and one number.

Step 3: Click ‘Join Macrovue’.  An email will be sent to you title "Trading Application Approval required".  Click on "Finalise Trading Account application".  

Step 4: You will be prompted to login using the username and password provided.  Please re-set your password and log out. 

Step 5: Login to your Macrovue account with your username and new password. 

Step 6: Click on ‘Apply Now’ to navigate to Trading Application. You can also click ‘Complete a trading application’.

Invidiual Account Omnibus (3)-1

Part B - Setting up as a Trust Account

Trust Account type

Scroll down and select the type of trust:
a. Family,
b. Charity,
c. Minor Account,
d. Pension,
e. Professional Society,
f. Testamentary Trust.
3. Select Trustee Type: Individual or Corporate.
4. Select the number of applicants
     a. minimum of two or the number specified on the trust deed.
5. Specify whether there are any trustees who are not applicants.
6. Specify if there are any beneficiaries of the trust who are not applicants.
7. Specify whether there are any additional controllers who are not
     a. This includes unit holders, and appointer or settlor of the trust.
     b. Controllers can directly or indirectly control the decisions of the trust.
8. Provide the details of the trust.
     a. An individual trustee will just require the name of the trust e.g. Sunshine Super Fund, the tax file number of the trust and the ABN of
the trust.
     b. A corporate trustee will require:
           i. the details of the trust (see just above) along with details of the trustee.
           ii. An example of the name of the trustee is ‘Parasol Group Pty Ltd’,
           iii. you will also need to provide the ACN of the corporate trustee.
           iv. And the business address of the corporate trustee.    These details can be found on your trust deed.
9. Complete the acknowledgement declaring that the trust/entity is a non-US entity and sign your name as a digital signature.
10. Scroll down to ‘Applicant Details’.
11. Fill out your personal details.
12. When you reach the Country of Citizenship/Birth section remember to click
the country which will appear in the drop-down menu like this:

Invidiual Account Omnibus personal infor
13. Macrovue will ask you for your primary source of funds and primary source of wealth to meet regulatory requirements. If you are retired these will likely be ‘Investment Income’. If you are still working, it will likely be ‘Income from employment’.

Primary source of funds-1
14. Complete steps 11-13 for any additional applicants.
15. Accept the acknowledgements at the end of the page and sign with your name as a digital signature. Given that Macrovue is an international investing platform and will be used to access US markets through Interactive Brokers they must confirm that you’re are not a US resident or taxpayer, or a resident of a country currently sanctioned by the US (e.g. North Korea).

16. Once all details are complete scroll down to identity verification.
17. Once you reach the identity verification page you can begin the process by
clicking the green button marked ‘Start Verification’.

a. If automatic verification is successful it will change to ‘verified’.
b. If not it may ask you for additional documents that it deems to be required (e.g. electoral roll details, utility bill, drivers license details).

verify ID
18. Complete identity verification (steps 14) for any additional applicants.
19. Once the original button says ‘verified’ you can submit your application for
approval by clicking ‘submit application’.

If you have any questions please contact Client Services on 1300 720 292.