What is a Vue?

A Vue is a portfolio of 10 professionally-selected shares that align to a specific market, industry, trend, theme or investment style.

A Vue is simply a basket of 10 professionally-selected shares that provides exposure to a specific market, industry, trend, theme or investment style, eg:

  • Market: India
  • Industry: Entertainment
  • Trend: Artificial Intelligence
  • Theme: Clean Technology
  • Investment Style: High Dividends

Unlike an ETF or managed fund, when you invest in a Vue you are actually purchasing shares in the 10 recommended companies and therefore become the beneficial owner of the shares. This provides you a level of control and transparency not offered by ETFs and managed funds.

Vues can been seen as an alternative to managed funds and ETFs, and may appeal to investors who wish to have more control and transparency when it comes to their investments.

Vues offer the following features and benefits:

  1. Expert research: Vues and their underlying shares are selected by an investment committee with more than 50 years combined experience in global equity markets.
  2. Ongoing monitoring: Vues are monitored daily and a comprehensive review takes place every three months. Investors are notified of any recommended portfolio changes and can choose to ignore or action the recommendation.
  3. Control and transparency: As the beneficial owner of the shares you know exactly what you’re invested in, and can take an active approach to trade size and timing. If you wish you can remove companies from a Vue, change the amount you invest in each company and place each trade at a time of your choosing.
  4. Concentrated: Unlike most ETFs and managed funds, Vues are concentrated share portfolios that aim to outperform industry benchmarks and indexes.
  5. Cost-effective: We charge a competitive research fee when investing in a Vue. There are no ongoing performance or administration fees.